Vagina Problems

Tongue_Muzzle_Vagina_Problem_COVER_04small record date: Dec. 27th 2013
release date: 4-01-2014
recorded, produced and edited by: Chvad SB
label: Facility Records
cover art: Rosa Doughty
availability: Bandcamp

Track List:
01 – Lost Days On Love Boat
02 – Raptor Rapture
03 – Kids On Leashes
04 – Sea Level Means I Don’t Get You
05 – Riding With Van Vliet to an All You Can Eat Buffet
06 – Black Mass & Voluptuous Church Lips
07 – Absolutely Done (Helium Running Out)

Album Notes:
“Vagina Problems” was recorded Dec. 27th, 2013 in
Norfolk, VA. Unlike the prior two Tongue Muzzle
releases, “Lobster Cock and Friends” and “vs All
Monsters” which were entirely instrumental, there is
a strong focus on verbal story telling. The recording
was entirely improvised.

this incarnation of Tongue Muzzle is:
Chvad SB: electronics
Brian A. Bernhard: bass
James Devin Johnson: electronics
David Johnson: vox

Improvised and recorded live Dec. 27th 2013.

Cover image by Rosa Doughty.
Layout by Tongue Muzzle.

Copyright 2014 Angry Apple Muffin Man Music.
All Rights Reserved.

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