Welcome to Tongue Muzzle.

Hey everyone,

Welcome to Tongue Muzzle!  I’m launching the site today to kick off the new year, the new band, the new album and a new video! Let me take a few seconds to explain what Tongue Muzzle is….

Tongue Muzzle is all improvisational. Every recording. Every show. We have no idea going in what is going to come out. When getting Tongue Muzzle off the ground I reached out to musicians I knew would appreciate this and also had an affinity for noise. Personally, I’ve really had it with over-production, over-thinking, over-writing and all the other “overs” out there that plague the creative world. I wanted an outlet that was immediate, live, collaborative and pure.

So this is it. The first album is out and there are more recordings and shows around the corner.Check around the site… we have show pics, video and a full album to stream or download or buy or sample or all of the above. It’s up to you.

See ya’ll in the new year…
-Chvad SB

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